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Perfect for a small website to showcase your content/services.

$3.58 / per month
  • Host 1 Domain
  • 5GB SSD Storage
  • mark_email_read 5 Email Accounts
  • 1 MySQL Database
  • LiteSpeed Technology NEW
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Free SSL Certificate https://
  • Free Site Migration

Best plan for small to medium website or entertainment blog.

$9.54 / per month
  • Host 3 Domains
  • 15GB SSD Storage
  • mark_email_read 10 Email Accounts
  • 5 MySQL Database
  • LiteSpeed Technology NEW
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Free SSL Certificate https://
  • Free Site Migration

E-commerce performance plan, host your store the right way!

$17.62 / per month
  • Host 5 Domains
  • 50GB SSD Storage
  • mark_email_read Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 20 MySQL Database
  • LiteSpeed Technology NEW
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Free SSL Certificate https://
  • Free Site Migration

Developers Choice, plentyful space & domains for your website projects.

$43.31 / per month
  • Host 50 Domains
  • Unlimited SSD Storage*
  • mark_email_read Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Database
  • LiteSpeed Technology NEW
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Free SSL Certificate https://
  • Free Site Migration

LiteSpeed WordPress Hosting Plans: Monthly/Annual Billing, Cancel Anytime.
* domain name is registered free when used as the primary domain for the hosting account. Renewed annually at the normal price.
*Unlimited item resource may be throttled at iveCloud discretion should we detect extensive usage.

Why Choose IVECloud To Host Your WordPress Website?

our platform is first to none, wordpress made simple just for you!

So, you looking for the perfect web hosting provider to host your WordPress blog/website, we are glad that you have found us!

We are among South Africa’s leading WordPress Hosting Providers to-date, offering an optimized WordPress Hosting Platform that would change your workload completely!

Here at IVECloud we don’t believe in complex old school methods used by hosting providers for generations, but have rather implemented a more innovative method of managing your WordPress websites and services all in one easy to use control panel.

Our Multi-WordPress control panel is hosted on only the best server technology, each server running the latest Xeon Skylake processors for optimal performance with double (X2) the amount of server resources assigned to each WordPress Hosting Plan ensuring you get the best possible speed over your competitors!

That’s not all! Each WordPress Hosting Plan includes PHP 7 and a free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate (HTTPS) to meet the recommended WordPress Hosting Environment!

What you waiting for? We are so confident in our product that we recommend you signup for your WordPress Hosting Plan today without any risk, we offer a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee should our WordPress Hosting Platform not meet your expectations!

The WordPress Hosting Provider That’s Right For You!

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We always strive to provide our clients with the best possible service, with our expert support team behind our products and services. Our WordPress Hosting has been rated the best in South Africa with the latest in innovative technology and our exclusive multi-website management control panel. Signup for your WordPress Hosting plan today and see why we are rated the best in the industry! We guarantee that you’ll love our service!


Don’t worry about WordPress install files. Upon payment, the latest WordPress version is installed automatically!

2x Faster

Enjoy a super fast WordPress website, all our WordPress platform have 2x resources assigned to them.

Real SSD

All our servers run only on Real SSD storage for the best performance. your visitors will love your website.

Free SSL

Your Pre-configured Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate will keep your visitors safe and increase your ranking!

Our Expertise, Your Success. Take The Advantage Today!

powered by WordPress, the worlds leading content management system

What is WordPress?

Since you’re looking for information about WordPress, you’re already well on your way to building your website. There’s plenty to learn about this incredibly popular and useful platform, and you may not know the ins and outs yet. You might only have learned about WordPress from reading a blog or from the recommendation of a friend. But not to worry, you have questions and we have the answers!

WordPress is a highly accessible, free, open source, content management system (or CMS). It is organized around plugins and a series of customizable templates, which is common for CMS platforms. To build your website, you simply choose a visual template, personalize it by customizing the design, and then hit publish on your brand-new site. There is an incredibly large range of plugins and adaptations, which make it possible to make just about any type of website on WordPress. The versatility of this software has been used to create everything from online stores to personal blogs and niche sites, all over the world.

Choosing a CMS as the home of a website is a popular choice for smaller businesses that benefit from a system that is simple and versatile. There are many examples of the CMS model, such as Drupal, Ghost, and Joomla. WordPress has become the most well-known of these systems simply because it’s considered easy to use and very customizable.

One of the big advantages of WordPress is that it is free, there are no monthly fees for some features like personalized themes and certain plugins. You have to consider what your budget will require if your project will require a large photo gallery or database, the ability to share files, or other premium tools.

WordPress is an app that can be downloaded for free on, as well as other methods like pre-installation with any of our WordPress Hosting Plans from IVECloud. With a setup that is pre-loaded, the main structure of the site can be published very quickly, in minutes. A manual installation is more complicated but your site administrator can still have the site running in a relatively short amount of time.

WordPress Advantages

There’s a reason this versatile platform is the most widely-used CMS available and it is that WordPress has many attractive features.

The biggest is the very low barrier to entry because users don’t need a lot of technology savvy or site-building experience. WordPress has a thoughtful and useful design that responds to different kinds of needs. It’s easy to manage content because of the ability to schedule posts and pages, edit them easily, protect them with passwords, distribute them into categories, or highlight them with a sticky page. WordPress is also built for SEO-friendly URLS and sharing updates via RSS feeds– making it easy for your content to be found and distributed.

WordPress‘s template system makes it very simple to edit your page instantly. The extensive list of templates, which includes thousands of options for layouts, can be further personalized with an endless variety of custom options and preferences. A very basic understanding of coding is enough for users to create whatever site they need. WordPress‘s themes are so flexible and diverse with a vast range of different themes available for any project or business.

WordPress also offers further customization with plugins, these are tools that can add a new feature or expand an existing one. And again, there is a huge variety available, mostly for free, including everything from forums, social media buttons, date countdowns and image galleries and much more. It’s very common for WordPress sites to have at least one plugin, and some may have several that the site’s users can even customize for themselves as they browse. It’s the sheer size of the options available on WordPress that makes it such a flexible space for any kind of site, since almost anything can be found and implemented.

To summarize, the WordPress experience and advantages of this platform:

WordPress is free unless you are using certain custom features, which makes it a very cost-effective solution

–The interface is very user-friendly and intuitive

–There are options for setting up your site with literally one click, which couldn’t be any easier

WordPress understands the importance of being SEO-friendly and your site will benefit from organic search engine traffic

–A huge library of well-designed themes, available for free and easy to personalize, makes it possible to create something attractive

–You can further improve the functionality of your site with a variety of plugins, even including a fully built online store

WordPress History

The beginning of WordPress was with a different blogging platform called B2/cafelog that was begun in 2001 by Michael Valdrighi, a French programmer. At the time that it was introduced, B2/cafelog was a brand new concept because it allowed users to create pages dynamically using a MySQL database. The second version of this new platform was released in 2002 but Valdrighi stopped working on his innovation soon afterwards and the platform was no longer supported or updated. Since B2/cafelog had already been discovered and used by a large number of people, there was now an absence for a blogging service like this one.

One of these users was Matt Mullenweg, a college freshman who had been using B2/cafelog to document his visit to Washington DC. He blogged about his desire to create an extension of the platform and he partnered with Mike Little to build on a new solution– with the support of Valdrighi, who made an announcement that Mullenweg and Little would now be working on this project. The structure of B2/cafelog was used to launch the earliest version of WordPress in the summer of 2003.

Over time, WordPress continued to grow its team and Mullenweg’s friends, including Christine Sellect Tremoulet, joined the project. She was actually the person that coined the name “WordPress” and v1.0 was launched in early 2004 using the code name of Davis. This new release added features like permalinks (which made it friendlier for search engines), being able to use multiple categories, Atom support and moderation of comments. Version 1.2 would follow just a few months later and this one featured the significant introduction of plugin support. Plugins have been a major part of what made WordPress so useful and popular, because they allow a site to be customized with almost any functionality. Today, WordPress is the internet home of a huge variety of businesses, organizations and individuals around the world.

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