Powerful Windows VPS Servers, Hosted Locally In South Africa

IVE CLOUD Included Full Root Access IVE CLOUD Included FREE Management Control Panel IVE CLOUD Included Instant VPS Deployment


Powerful Windows VPS Servers, Hosted Locally In South Africa

be simpler, it’s the price that matters! 

Best Price
Easy to
use Control Panel
Real SSD
Storage Guaranteed
Secure Managed

Powerful Windows VPS Servers, Hosted Locally In South Africa

be simpler, it’s the price that matters! 

Easy 3 Step Ordering System, Instant Deployment!

Order your server

IVECloud VPS Order System

Ordering a Windows VPS (Virtual Private Server) has never been this easy, IVECloud provides a top of the art control panel, our control panel is extremely user friendly and robust for the everyday person.

Configure your server

IVECloud VPS Order System

After you have selected the ideal server, you can now configure your server via the Control Panel, configuring your server is simple with guided options field for ease of use to ensure you have a quick and easy checkout process.

Control your server

IVECloud VPS Order System

Once payment is made, control your server via our control panel within your account. We have simplified our control panel by integrating all necessary server options right into your account to quickly execute any function.

All Locally Hosted Linux VPS Servers Have The Following Features Included!

IVE CLOUD IncludedEasy To Use Control Panel

IVE CLOUD IncludedWindows License Included

IVE CLOUD IncludedAutomated and on-demand snapshot backups

IVE CLOUD IncludedFree Internal Networking

IVE CLOUD Included1 Dedicated IP Address

IVE CLOUD IncludedFree DNS Hosting

IVE CLOUD Included2 RDP Licenses Included

IVE CLOUD IncludedLocally Hosted In South Africa

IVE CLOUD Included99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

We Only Stock The Latest!

choose between the two most popular windows server operating systems!

IVE Cloud Windows VPS Empowering Technology

Enhance your Windows Virtual Private Server by choosing the world’s leading Operating Systems known to man, our windows based vps plans are among the cheapest in South Africa with an included operating system and FREE Remote Desktop Licenses which are fully compatible with Windows Server 2012 R2 or the latest Windows Server 2016.

All Windows Virtual Private Server Plans are hosted locally in South Africa on the latest cutting edge server technology for optimum Windows Server performance.


Not A Windows Server Fan? Its Ok We Got You Covered!

ICE Cloud Linux VPS Servers

Not interested in Windows? Check out our Linux Virtual Private Servers Plans

Need just enough space for 1 website?

Checkout our locally hosted web hosting plans. Our web hosting plans are expertly compiled for even the busiest ventures possible. With 24/7 technical monitoring, rest assured we will keep your space online and error free with our guaranteed 99.9% time frame!

Need the power of a vps but on a budget?

So we got yah covered, IVECloud offers scale-able cPanel Reseller packages with loads of freebies accommodated on our high-end web hosting reseller servers hosted locally in South Africa, We even included a complementary WHMCS Starter License for FREE!

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